For men

What are the most basic screening tests?
Prostate examination
The prostate is a small gland located near the bladder. Prostate health, affects sperm production, sex life and the health of a man’s urinary system. What does it include? The three main tests for the prostate gland, are the blood test with PSA (prostate specific antigen), the ultrasound and the finger test. For men without symptoms and history, the first prostate examination should be done around 50.
Urinary tract control
Ultrasound examination of the urinary system (kidneys, bladder, prostate) can be performed on the man in dysuria, haematuria, burning when urinating, increased creatinine in the blood or in cases of renal colic.
Colour doppler ultrasound of the carotid arteries
In men with risk factors (smoking, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, SD, carotid artery control is required.

Bone density test
Men get osteoporosis too! Especially those who belong to the high risks (sedentary lifestyle, low testosterone, smoking, taking corticosteroids) they should check their bone density after evaluating various risk factors.

Abdominal examination: A simple ultrasound as part of the check-up, checks the condition of the liver-gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder.

Thyroid examination: The blood test and the ultrasound will confirm the proper functioning of the very important gland.

The personalization of the check up, and the exact choice of the exams, is the responsibility of your treating doctor.